HU to host ‘Reacting to the Past’ Regional Conference


Educators and others looking to test their wits and decision-making skills don’t want to miss the “Reacting to the Past” Regional Conference hosted by Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Sept. 22-23.

“Reacting to the Past” consists of elaborate games, set in the past, in which students are assigned roles informed by classic texts. Class sessions are run entirely by students; instructors advise and guide students and grade their oral and written work. The series of games seek to draw students into key events in the sciences, politics, and culture, promote engagement with big ideas and improve academic skills.

Pictured are HU students enrolled in Assistant Professor John McKnight’s Political Mind course who helped develop a set of Reacting to the Past games.

Conference attendees are invited to play one of two Reacting to the Past role-playing games in their entirety and attend a variety of workshops on campus from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sept. 22 and from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. the next day. The featured games will be:

  • Greenwich Village, 1913: Suffrage, Labor, and the New Woman
  • The Pluto Debate: The International Astronomical Union Defines a Planet

Event workshops will include:

  • Reacting for the STEM Curriculum
  • Assessing learning objectives in the Reacting curriculum
  • Student engagement: challenges and opportunities
  • Playtesting HU’s own Reacting game: Science Diplomacy: Negotiating Science and Sovereignty in Cold War America

What’s more, the conference coincides with the Harrisburg University Esports Festival taking place on and off campus in downtown Harrisburg the same weekend. The HUE Festival will feature a national Esports tournament, national music groups, food and more.

To register for the Reacting to the Past Regional Conference, visit

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