Harrisburg University Varsity Esports to hold international tryouts for first official season


Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (HU) has announced plans to begin its national and international search for student gamers who will compete on the university’s official collegiate esports team. Between April 1 and April 15, HU will hold tryouts for prospective student gamers over three consecutive weekends, testing players in League of Legends, Overwatch and Hearthstone matches. Students are invited to submit an application to be considered for the upcoming the tryouts, which will determine who receives a coveted spot on the university’s inaugural varsity team.

“We’re really interested in evaluating potential team players based on the way they interact and communicate during the tryout process,” said Geoff Wang, head coach for esports at Harrisburg University. “We won’t judge players based on whether they win or lose a match. Instead we’ll look for players who lead and thrive in a team setting.”

Over the course of three weekends, Harrisburg University will hold tryouts for groups based on their location and preferred game, testing players not only on their game knowledge and role mastery, but also communication and team coordination. The following is the schedule for HU’s varsity esports tryouts, and all tryouts are by invitation only:

  • European (EU) tryouts for League of Legends, April 1 at 10am EST
  • North American (NA) Wildcard tryouts for League of Legends, April 7 at 1pm EST
  • NA Wildcard tryouts for Overwatch, April 8 at 1pm EST
  • NA Main Tryout for League of Legends, April 14 at 1pm EST
  • NA Main Event for Hearthstone, April 15 at 1pm EST
  • NA Main Event for Overwatch, April 15 at 5pm EST

“As players ourselves, we’ve used our connections to find potential players we think are a good fit for our team, and we also look forward to all the new players we’ll interview,” said Chad Smeltz, program director of esports at HU. “This is our first official season as a college team, and we can’t wait to make a big impression with the talent we choose.”

Players interested in competing on HU’s esports teams should submit their player application survey through google forms prior to April 1 in order to be considered for an invitation. For a link to the survey, go to harrisburgu.edu/esports or send an e-mail inquiry to huvarsityesports@gmail.com.

Invited players will receive a Battlefly link for registration and have two weeks to RSVP to their respective event. All players will be given access to HU’s Discord channel for voice communication, updates and to have their questions answered.

Harrisburg University also plans to add additional esports support staff in the form of an assistant coach and analysts. Interested parties should send a resume to huvarsityesports@gmail.com.

A few selected tryout matches will be broadcasted on HU’s Twitch channel. Follow along for live matches, as well as Facebook and Twitter for updates throughout the tryout period.

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